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Welcome to EO2, we are one of the best and top-rated suppliers of commercial and home EV charging station and their components in India. Electric vehicles being the future of mobility in India and across the globe, EO2 is ready to accommodate all your requirements by pricing the best of EVSE at the best price.

Our Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is designed to be durable, strong, and safe in almost every working condition. If you are in need of a commercial EV charging station or a home EV charging station in India with reliable customer support service, then EO2 is the best option you have.
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Commercial EV charging stations are in huge demand in India, and to meet the ever-rising need, here we bring you different options for the commercial EV charging station.

CS Model 1 Electric Vehicle Charging Station, 7.4 KW Dual Gun Type 2 connector Unmanned/Mobile Application/RFID Card OCPP…
CS Model 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station 7.4 KW Dual Type 2 Socket Unmanned/Mobile Application/RFID Card OCPP 1.6
CS Model 3 Electric Vehicle Charging Station 7.4 KW Type 2 singal connector. Plug & Play charger

With EV vehicles being the future of mobility, it’s necessary to equip your house with durable EV chargers that can power your EV vehicles instantly.

HC Model 1 Home EV Wall Box Charger 7.4 KW Single Gun Type 2 connector 1 Phase/Plug &…
HC Model 2 Home EV Wall Box Charger 7.4 KW Single Type 2 Socket 1 Phase/Plug & Play…
HC Model 3 Electric Vehicle Portable charger 7.4 KW Single Gun Type 2 connector 1 Phase Portable charger

We are the leading supplier of EV charger components in India at unbelievable. Contact us to buy EVSE for commercial and home EV charging stations.

Type 2 connector dummy socket EV CHARGER PLUG TYPE 2 HOLSTER TYPE2 TO TYPE 2
Type 2 connector with cable EV CHARGER PLUG WITH CABLE 32 AMP TYPE 2 TO TYPE 2
Type 2 female socket/outlet-station side EV CHARGER SOCKET TYPE 2 32 AMP TYPE 2 TO TYPE 2


We are EO2 – a leader in offering smart electric vehicle charging stations solution in India. With the rise in the demand for renewable electricity grows to power the world’s electric vehicles, EO2 is here with a range of dependable, sustainable, and safe EV charging solutions. We are committed to providing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) hardware for homes, businesses, and industries.

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we specialize in developing the best EV charging station solutions for our customers. Whether it’s commercial EV charging stations, home EV charging stations, or anything related to EVSE, we can comfortably accommodate all your requirements within a stipulated time frame. EO2 owns a professional technical team, leading technology, and rigorous management system, which gives the ability of independent research & development, high-quality control, and customized service.

EO2 is a pioneer in electric vehicle charging technology in India. We produce an ever-evolving lineup of high-quality Electric Vehicle charging solutions that facilitate the easy, safe, and fast charging of all sorts of electric vehicles. We offer high-performing commercial and home charging stations, professional EV station installation services, and comprehensive after-sales and maintenance services across the nation. If you are willing to join the green energy revolution, then we have the right charging solution for your e-mobility.

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There are three types of charging stations available in the market AC level 1, AC Level 2, and DC fast charge.
If you're in need of quick recharge to continue your long-distance journey, then DC charging otherwise for any other use, AC Level 2 charging will be the way to charge your car.
There are two types of current that can be used in EV. They are called alternate current (AC) and direct current (DC). The power that comes from the grid is always AC. However, batteries like the one in your EV can only store power as DC. That's why most electronic devices have a converter. AC charging for EV: When it comes to EV, the converter is built inside the car. It is called the "onboard charger "though it really is a converter. It converts power from AC to DC and then feeds it into the car's battery. DC charging for EV: DC chargers don't need the onboard charger to convert. It can feed power directly to the car's battery. DC chargers are bigger, costly, and require too much-connected load.
Type 2 connector covers almost the entire spectrum of AC chargers for the Indian market.
Two types of connectors are used for DC charging: A. CHAdeMO: This quick system was developed in Japan and allows for very high charging capacities as well as bidirectional charging. It allows charging up to 100KW. B. CCS: The CCS connector is an enhanced version of the Type 2 connector with two additional power contacts for fast charging. It allows charging up to 350KW.
The cost of charging your EV depends on the electricity rates of your electricity provider and whether you charge at home or at a public charging station. The costs of charging your EV at a public charging station can differ depending on the station's owner. The owner may set up charging fees, such as a start rate, a rate per minute, and/or a KWH-rate. However, many charging station owners like hotels and supermarkets are beginning to offer free charging while staying or parking at their facilities.
Depending on the battery capacity of your electric vehicle, you can go between 120 to 400 kilometers with one charge. Battery capacity is getting better every year and so are the charging stations.
At home in a private garage/driveway, or at a designated parking spot / shared parking facility (common for apartments). At work, around your office building's parking facility, either reserved or (semi)public places. In public along streets, on the highway, and at any public parking facility you can think of - e.g. shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc.
It requires very less maintenance. Despite being an advanced technology, EV charging stations are remarkably simple to maintain. If installed properly and built modularly (like EO2's charging stations), every piece can be easily replaced. Charging stations with online connectivity also enable remote diagnostics and repair, so you won't be left stranded in the rare event of charger malfunction.
Yes. But rest assured - with a personal charging station at your disposal, you can choose to charge your car at night and take advantage of significantly lower electricity prices. Additionally, thanks to residential solar panels, you can also opt to generate your own electricity during the day. This way, EV charging is bound to become more cost-effective in the long run.

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