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About EO2 – A Smart EV Charging Station Brand

EO2 EVSE Private Limited is a DPIIT Government of India approved start-up company that manufactures Electric Vehicle Chargers and Components. We are a leading provider of a range of sustainable and modern Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Components that promise high-performance, fast, effective, and sustainable functioning to bring innovative and affordable charging infrastructure to your doorsteps.

We are an Indian EV charging station brand that is gradually paving the path for the swift adoption of electric vehicles through the deployment and operations of powerful and sustainable EV charging stations and components. We are here to set up an ultra-modern and powerful EV charging infrastructure for renewable electric energy that will boost the EV revolution in India.

With the electrification of the transport sector, EO2 as a start-up was formed to accelerate and inspire the mass to adopt the change. With the range of commercial EV charging station solutions and home EV charging station solutions, we are here to catalyze the process of switching to zero-emission mobility and ensure a seamless driver experience with access to high-quality, readily available charging infrastructure across India.

Our sole objective is to promote e-mobility across the nation by offering an ultrafast and convenient charging network backed by superior customer service. Our long-term strategy will play a key role in contributing to India’s Green deal and economic recovery plan. We are committed to putting India’s mobility sector firmly on the path of climate neutrality and economic growth.
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Our Mission

E-mobility is the future, and we EO2 is the charger; thus, we are on the mission to exceed the expectations of our customers by offering the most innovative and powerful EVSE. We design and develop simple and reliable home and commercial charging stations for electric vehicles.

We are on the mission to create an ecosystem for green energy by delivering durable, smart, user-friendly, and safe EV charging station solutions and components.



Road transportation is the main cause of CO2 emission in India that summing up to 90% of the total emission. Thus, by offering the range of EVSE, we vision ourselves to be one of the leading names in checking the CO2 emission due to vehicles and to support the e-mobility in India.