Certified and Durable EV Accessories in India

In order to build an EV-ready infrastructure across the nation, at EO2, we are tirelessly adding up something new to our lineup every year – from EV charger to charger components and accessories. Our technical team understands the changing automotive landscape, and thus we are ready to meet the ever-rising need for top-quality EV chargers, components, and accessories.

With years of experience and expertise in designing and delivering the best EV components and accessories, we are taking our legacy forward by offering the best electric vehicle components to our customers. We are fully geared up in line with the new market requirements and are happy to supply products to the new segment.

Trustworthy and Reliable EV Accessories Supplier

Safety Glove: The set of ISO-certified safety gloves ensures that you are protected from electric shocks while plugging and unplugging the charger.

Rubber Flooring: We bring you the most innovative and protective rubber flooring solutions for home and public EV charging stations.

Charger Bag: Sturdy and compact bag for safe storage of charging cables and other components at an unbelievable price.

EO2 Merchandise: As a part of effective brand merchandising, our set of products comes with the company’s logo, a company name, & a motto.

Electric Vehicle Charging Accessories

EV accessories that we supply are manufactured keeping in the mind the highest industry standards so that we can stand up to our commitments and promises. We design custom safety gears to fit your budget and sustainability goals.
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