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Smart EV Wall Box in India

Whether you already own an EV (electric vehicle) or are planning to buy one in a short period of time, having a home EV charging station makes it easier for you to charge your electric car battery conveniently. We are EO2, and we are one of the top-rated EV charging station suppliers in India to empower e-mobility across the nation. From supplying durable and smart EV chargers, we also help our clients with EV charger installation at the place of their choice.

In order to empower the EV revolution in India, we have an ever-evolving range of smart, sustainable, and cost-effective home EV wall box that enable the safe, easy, and fast charging of electric cars. Our comprehensive product portfolio makes it easy to go electric with piece-of-mind and confidence.

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Product categories

HC Model 1

Highly compact in design, this home EV charger comes with a7.4 KW AC Single phase and a type 2 Connector.
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HC Model 2

This durable home EV wall box charger comes with a 7.4 KW Single phase and a Type 2 Socket.
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HC Model 3

This portable electric vehicle charger is extremely easy to carry and guarantees fast charging.
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Finest Range of Home EV Chargers in India

With the team of EV charger experts, we are here to accelerate the switch to EVs with turnkey EV charger installation and maintenance services. No matter where you are on the electrification journey in India, EO2 is here to guide the way. Buy home EV chargers backed by expert installation services.
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